Eco Stay Holiday Home

Wayanad, the green paradise is nestled among the mountains of the Western Ghats, forming the border world of the greener part of Kerala. We are Offering quality and affordability, service apartment in wayanad. Use our helpful features to find the perfect host family. We provide great support and customer satisfaction to all of us. You can experience the stunning beauty of wayanad with us.

We have a great convivial experience with well designed, well organized and well-maintained rooms and all contemporary services that meet all your needs for a pleasant stay . The stylish interiors give off an aura of peace and serenity - an ideal setting for romance, bonding with friends and family, or a restful holiday.

The Crafts & Spices World

Along with our ecostay service apartment, We also have a great collection of Craft and Spices of wayanadan culture. And it is the best space where you can order, acquire and indulge in the best and pure spices and Crafts of Wayanad. The spices collection includes wayanadan real forest honey, cardamom, coffee, pepper, Baboo Rice, turmeric etc. And we have a wide range of wayanadan wooden crafts items in our shop.

Also, you can shop online the wide variety of spices and crafts (wholesale & Retail) from our shop. We will send you the fresh and best quality products by courier- wherever you.

Why Us?

stay safe

Stay Safe

We provide safe and hygenic enviornment for our customers and thereby they feel like in a safe shelter.

Quality Services

Quality Services

Our services are top rated and customer satisfaction is our major motto.

Save Money

Affordable Price

We provide affordable price for our services.